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Our platform supports employees, managers and HR to have great conversations about goals and development, empowering employees to unlock their best performance to further your organisation’s success.

Focus on Goals

Set your goals and keep them top of mind. Reflect on progress and define what needs to happen next. Read more about Focus on goals.

Effective Feedback

Gather feedback quickly and easily. Use questionnaires or ask for feedback on your personal plan. Read more about Effective feedback.

Real-time information

Real-time insight into your employees’ progress and the status of organisational goals. Read more about Real-time information.

Regular 1-to1s

Convenient chat function to talk about your goals and your feedback. Dialog supports you with the right questions. Read more about Regular 1-to-1s.

Effective & fair reviews

All results achieved, feedback, and reflections are held in one place, providing a complete picture for the review. Read more about Effective reviews.

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Dialog is very flexible and perfectly supports your specific performance management model and the needs of your set-up.


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“Dialog’s platform supports and stengthens our process and vision of performance management. It encourages employees to take ownership and focus on personal growth. Furthermore our managers have taken on more of a coaching role in their leadership.”

Cindy Courage – Valid

Transform your performance review cycle

We’ve spoken to hundreds of HR-managers, teamleaders and employees to learn what works, and what could we improving. Transform these common HR pitfalls with ease:

“It is nice to write down what progress you have already made”

Esperance Blaauw – EMC